AMD Radeon R9 270 with Core i7-3770K at ultra quality Benchmarks

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AMD Radeon R9 270
Release Year
R9 270
Maximum Temperature
66 C
Max Noise Level
48.3 dB
Minimum Power Supply
Benchmark CPU
Intel Core i7-3770K @ 3.50GHz ($248.98)
CPU Bottleneck FPS Loss
Benchmark Quality Settings
Ultra Quality Settings
Average 1080p Performance
63.2 FPS
Average 1440p Performance
Average 4K Performance
2 GB
Overall (GPU + CPU + Settings) Score

Game Performance (FPS) at ultra quality settings


Year Game Frames Per Second
2013 Battlefield 4
62.8 FPS
2013 Bioshock Infinite
80.3 FPS
2013 Company of Heroes 2
54.3 FPS
2013 Crysis 3
43.5 FPS
2013 GRID 2
133.4 FPS
2013 Metro: Last Light
44.6 FPS
2013 Total War: Rome 2
113.5 FPS
2011 Battlefield 3
76.5 FPS
2008 Crysis: Warhead
76.6 FPS


Year Game Frames Per Second


Year Game Frames Per Second

Questions and Answers

  • Question: Hi guys, I have a choice of a r9 270x with 16gb of ddr3 ram for £150, but do I go for the 16gb of ddr3 with a gtx 1060 for around £190 instead? bearing in mind my budget for my whole pc is about £500.

    Many thanks,


    Answer: Of the money, I assume 16GB DDR3 is making up about 50-70quid either way.

    Let's call it 50 for arguments sake.

    so 100quid for a 270X vs 140 for a 1060..... 3GB or 6GB?

    Even assuming the 3GB variant, you're looking at +50% (minimum!) relative performance..... using a 780 as a reference, where a 3GB 1060 is stronger.

    +>50% relative (or +>80% if a 6GB 1060) performance for +40% price premium ..... seems totally worth it to me.

  • Question: Running some final last gasp attempts to save my GFX card, but I think it's probably toast. Wanted to upgrade to a GTX 1060 6GB if that does turn out to be the case, but I'm worried if I'd be wasting money given my other specs.

    AMD FX6300 (six core, 3.5Ghz)
    Gigabyte 970A-DS3P
    1x8gb ram
    Corsair 550W PSU


    Answer: Your specs seems fine for current modern game. But if I were you I would definitely upgrade to a 1060 6gb version!

  • Question: Hello guys,

    I have Sapphire R9 270 graphics card, can you please tell me would a GIGABYTE GTX 1060 G1 gaming be a really bigger boost to my FPS and gaming performance?

    Also i have a question about GTX 1060, what is the difference between G1 gaming with 6g and GTX 1060 windforce with 3gb. Is it worth 90eur more?

    Cheers and thanks!

    Answer: The 270 is an HD 7870 with a new coat of paint. It's substantially below the 1060(3 or 6gb) in performance...assuming you have the CPU to take advantage of that extra performance. It's a worthy upgrade. As to 3gb vs 6gb, I think it breaks down like this: If you will only game at 1080p and you aren't the type who must have settings on ultra or as high as possible and want as high a framerate as possible, the 3gb will make you happy. If your priority is maximum performance then get the 6gb.

  • Question: Hey guys i just have a quick question... First off ill be buying the new RX 480 when it comes out, so i wanted to know if it would fit my mother board which is a gigabyte 78LMT-USB3. The R9 270x fits perfectly fine but i dont know if the RX 480 will connect to the mother board differently or something... Any advice?

    Link to picture of both cards


    Answer: If the 270x works then the 480 will too. Simple as that. They both connect through the pci express standard. No worries.

  • Question: Hey guys, how is everyone? I play mainly BF1 and WoW mainly. With my current rig I running most things around High at 60+ fps give or take ?(rarely ever dropping below the 60 threshold). Essentially I was wondering with my current build remaining the same would it make sense to upgrade my GPU to an RX 480 or just stick with my R9 270X? After some reading I am of the understanding that the 270X is beginning to get a little long in the tooth but also understand that my CPU is not the best either but I can not afford an upgrade right now and am waiting for Zen anyway. What are your thoughts on the GPU upgrade solely? Hope this finds you all well.

    Answer: There will be some bottleneck, but since you are planning on Zen, it isn't that big of a deal.

R9 270 Specifications

Board Design

Board NumberC630, C631, C632
Length8.28 inches 210 mm
Outputs2x DVI1x HDMI1x DisplayPort
Power Connectors1x 6-pin
Slot WidthDual-slot
TDP150 W

Clock Speeds

Boost Clock925 MHz
GPU Clock900 MHz
Memory Clock1400 MHz 5600 MHz effective

Graphics Card

Bus InterfacePCIe 3.0 x16
GenerationVolcanic Islands (R9 200)
Launch Price179 USD
Release DateNov 13th, 2013

Graphics Features

DirectX12.0 (11_1)
Shader Model5.1

Graphics Processor

ArchitectureGCN 1.0
Die Size212 mm²
GPU NameCuracao
GPU VariantCuracao PRO (215-0848000)
Process Size28 nm
Transistors2,800 million


Bandwidth179.2 GB/s
Memory Bus256 bit
Memory Size2048 MB
Memory TypeGDDR5

Render Config

Compute Units20
Shading Units1280

Theoretical Performance

FP32 (float) performance2,368 GFLOPS
FP64 (double) performance148.0 GFLOPS (1:16)
Pixel Rate29.60 GPixel/s
Texture Rate74.00 GTexel/s