NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti with Core i7-4770K at ultra quality Benchmarks

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NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti
Release Year
GTX 750 TI
Maximum Temperature
65 C
Max Noise Level
39 dB
Minimum Power Supply
Benchmark CPU
Intel Core i7-4770K @ 3.50GHz ($284.99)
CPU Bottleneck FPS Loss
Benchmark Quality Settings
Ultra Quality Settings
Average 1080p Performance
44 FPS
Average 1440p Performance
23 FPS
Average 4K Performance
13 FPS
2 GB
Overall (GPU + CPU + Settings) Score

Game Performance (FPS) at ultra quality settings


Year Game Frames Per Second
2017 PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
30 FPS
2015 Grand Theft Auto V
35.3 FPS
2015 Total War: Attila
47.1 FPS
2014 Dragon Age: Inquisition
37.7 FPS
2014 Far Cry 4
35 FPS
2014 GRID Autosport
100.4 FPS
2014 Shadow of Mordor
41.1 FPS
2014 The Talos Principle
44.5 FPS
2013 Battlefield 4
49.4 FPS
2013 Bioshock Infinite
66.7 FPS
2013 Company of Heroes 2
35.8 FPS
2013 Crysis 3
37.2 FPS
2013 GRID 2
110.2 FPS
2013 Metro: Last Light
37.6 FPS
2013 Total War: Rome 2
87.8 FPS
2008 Crysis: Warhead
59.1 FPS


Year Game Frames Per Second
2017 PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
23 FPS


Year Game Frames Per Second
2017 PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
13 FPS

Questions and Answers

  • Question: I plan on upgrading my gpu from a 550 Ti and I can either buy a 750 Ti FTW for from a trusted friend or I can buy a 1050 Ti SC for 0 from EVGA's B-Stock. Which gpu has better price for performance at these prices?

    Current Build: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/JJXbzM

    Answer: 750Ti is very low end, I'd give it another year before new games become virtually unplayable. 1050Ti should run AAA games decently enough and you can turn up the settings more with the added VRAM. If you can squeeze out the extra cash an AMD Radeon RX 470 or 570 is a very comfortable modern gaming card.

  • Question: Which one should I buy? I have an A6-7400k and planning to upgrade it into an i3-6100 in the near future. I was about to go for the 750 Ti but then I saw 1050's price isnt that much of a difference. These are the options I have for I am on a budget. Thanks!

    Answer: The gtx 1050.

  • Question: Made a new thread because people misunderstood my question. The 1050 is NOT ti. I could sell my 750ti SC and buy the 1050 while wasting spending -10. Is it worth it?

    Answer: If you can upgrade to a 1050 from the 750 Ti for or less, then yeah I'd do it. First sell the 750 Ti, or try to, in order to make sure you can get as much for it as you think. What dumb person would give you that much for the 750 Ti when for more they could get a 1050? You have to be cold blooded to take advantage of someone like that.

  • Question: I was looking into getting a gtx 750 to but now that the 1050 to is coming out and at 139$ should I go with the 1050 ti it will be replacing my gtx 745 4gb oem card thanks for the help

    Answer: Either the 1050 or 1050ti will be a good upgrade over the 745, I'd just wait for some benchmarks of the 1050 and 1050ti to see how they stack up against the competition and the 1060.

  • Question: Hey guys.

    I have a Optiplex 755 laying around, which was my old computer. I want to upgrade so my girlfriend can play some games.

    At the time my r9 270 couldn't in the case, so i'm trying to get a 750 ti or a 1050 low profile.

    Can one of those cards work with this computer?
    the cards: MSI GeForce GTX 1050
    MSI GeForce GTX 750 Ti

    At the moment this is what i have in it:
    Core2Duo E6850 3.0 Ghz
    2GB Ram DDR2 800 mhz

    I have a Q6600 laying around and some DDR2 ram.

    Can this actually work and is it worth it? Q6600, 4gb or 8gb ram and the gtx 750 ti or gtx 1050.

    image of the case: image

    Thank you so much for all the help provided. Cheers

    Answer: Having a Q9400 with a 750ti (EVGA FTW model) in one of my extra computers i would say yes, it will work. Additionally, i have the LowProfile MSI 750ti paired with a pentium G630 in an HTPC case and it works rather well.

    Given the age of the 750ti though, i would suggest going with the MSI low profile 1050 or their low profile 1050ti (on my future purchases wish list). I do believe the 1050 performed better than the 750ti, and i know the 1050ti is really much better than it.

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GTX 750 TI Specifications

Board Design

Board NumberP2010 SKU 50
Length5.71 inches 145 mm
Outputs2x DVI1x mini-HDMI
Power ConnectorsNone
Slot WidthSingle-slot

Clock Speeds

Boost Clock1085 MHz
GPU Clock1020 MHz
Memory Clock1350 MHz 5400 MHz effective

Graphics Card

Bus InterfacePCIe 3.0 x16
GenerationGeForce 700
Launch Price149 USD
Release DateFeb 18th, 2014

Graphics Features

DirectX12.0 (11_0)
Shader Model5.1

Graphics Processor

Die Size148 mm²
GPU NameGM107
GPU VariantGM107-400-A2
Process Size28 nm
Transistors1,870 million


Bandwidth86.40 GB/s
Memory Bus128 bit
Memory Size2048 MB
Memory TypeGDDR5

Render Config

SMM Count5
Shading Units640

Theoretical Performance

FP32 (float) performance1,389 GFLOPS
FP64 (double) performance43.40 GFLOPS (1:32)
Pixel Rate17.36 GPixel/s
Texture Rate43.40 GTexel/s